The Key Fundamental Pelvic Patterns and their use in yoga therapy

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Running courses is a way of sharing some of the knowledge I have gathered about the human body and how to prevent and rectify dysfunction. I am often surprised to see other movement or health practitioners, including physiotherapists, as clients in my practice. They often come to me as a last ditch effort, exhausted and frustrated by their level of pain and dysfunction. What continues to surprise me is their lack of understanding around the fundamentals of movement – which essentially relate to how the spine is controlled. Drilling down to the basics, fundamental patterns of movement are apparent – including the importance of the breath and it’s connection to the core, and how the Fundamental Pelvic Patterns are an important driver of spinal movement.

A few years ago I worked with a talented group of yogalates practitioners whose understanding of functional movement patterns was impressive. Their ability to adopt the information I shared and incorporate it into their practice was very rewarding.  I recently stumbled upon a youtube video by one of my  workshop participants: Maria Kirsten from Yoga for Grownups, who beautifully demonstrates the four Key Fundamental Pelvic Patterns. What a delight to see a spine moving so naturally – unfortunately it’s unusual.

Knowing the Key Approach continues to have impact and assist people well beyond my reach motivates me to continue sharing this knowledge.