This series of workshops offer novel insights to help clinicians deal with more complex and challenging cases - a unique, highly practical learning opportunity which integrates research with the insights of extensive clinical practice and enquiry.

The focus is upon healthy and impaired function of the torso – and how this relates to genesis and perpetuation of many pain syndromes – both peripheral and central. You will learn to recognise the common patterns of dysfunction and further develop your assessment and remedial skills with appropriate complementary manual and exercise therapy to better restore the clients function.

These workshops are offered in 3 modules

Module 1: The Lower Quadrant - The foundations of control

3 day workshop + introduction evening - $950

This module principally addresses the integrated function between breathing and postural control of the trunk, control of the pelvis and restoring joint and neuro-myo-fascial function in the lumbo-pelvic–hip region and legs

An introductory evening lecture before the workshop commences provides a broad over-view of the approach

Module 2: The Upper quadrant - An integrated model of torso movement

3 day workshop - $900

This module explores the relationship between the thorax, proximal limb girdle dysfunction, and the spine & pain syndromes of the upper quadrant. Completion of Module 1 is advised before doing this module

Module 3: Putting it all together

2 day workshop $600

All your queries are answered in an interactive practical workshop format. Completion of Modules 1 & 2 is prerequisite



Upcoming workshops

$2,200 if enrolling for all 3 modules (save $250)
OR separately:
Module 1 (3 days + evening) $950
Module 2 (3 days) $900
Module 3 (2 days) $600

Module 1: The lower quadrant
Fri 20 – Sun 22 Mar 
+ the evening of Thurs 19 Mar

Module 2: The upper quadrant
Fri 25 – Sun 27 Sept

Module 3: Putting it all together
Sat 28 – Sun 29 Nov
Note: Completion of modules 1 & 2 are a prerequisite for attending this workshop


Module 1: The lower quadrant – The foundations of control

Module 2: The Upper quadrant – An integrated model of torso movement

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