Very osteopathically relevant in principles, approach and execution of techniques

Im Chuah - Osteopath

Great clinical information to add to foundations of lumbar and sacroiliac assessment and treatment. I gained a lot of information and increased understanding of literature and interpretation and clinical application


Opens the mind, challenges thought patterns and makes you think. Interesting and well prepared and backed up. Definitely a workshop to attend!


In my 35 years as a Physio I have done numerous courses with both local and international presenters. Last year I did the 3 modules of the “Key Approach” with Jo Key. This course takes an extensive and whole-body approach to development of functional movement, movement analysis and dysfunction, using postural adaptation as its base. In particular I found the concepts of the 4 pelvic movement patterns very useful. More so than other courses, this provided me with a very functional way of analysing and correcting spinal, pelvis and limb disorders, as well as looking at the domino effect on other areas when one are fails. Although based on extensive experience and research evidence the course is very hands-on practical. To me, a good course will build on my previous knowledge and allow me to see things both broader and more specific, as well as giving me more confidence in my treatment choices. The Key Approach did just that.

Sigrid Cooper - Manipulative Physiotherapist

I’ve been a remedial massage therapist for 11 years. I have attended many courses over the years and the Key Approach Courses have been of the greatest benefit for myself and for my clients. The courses educated me about causative factors, how to identify problematic body patterns and where and how to effectively treat conditions.

Being a body worker I suffered back pain over the years and was always searching for ways to maintain good spinal/muscular health. I now have very low level infrequent pain.

For my clients, I am able to pass on information to help them change habits that have developed over the years which could hinder their recovery and possibly even encourage the condition to recur once pain free.

This information empowers them to take responsibility for their health.

Being a remedial massage therapist, I was very grateful to have been accepted to participate in these courses, and as a result the way I work has benefited my clients enormously.

I would recommend the Key Approach Courses to anyone wanting to further improve their understanding of back pain.

Lauren Schoenauer - Remedial Masseur

A really great whole-angel lense view which is still backed up by clinical experience, research, pragmatisim and professional self-love


A lovely balance of well-based, practical clinical teschnique – invaluable to the hands-on practitioner


Absolutely loved it. Have been feeling lost in my professional development and what/where I want to go as a young physio. This is exactly how I think and I am feeling motivated and positive for my therapy career. Thank you Jo – a real character and conveyer.

Anonymous - Physiotherapist

A distillation of Josephine Keys experience and passion in finding to ‘core’ or functional problems

Tammy Noden - Physiotherapist

Best workshop I’ve done in a long time.

Kristin Lyon - Em-Body Pilates

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