Sigrid Cooper

Manipulative Physiotherapist | Nowra, Australia |

In my 35 years as a Physio I have done numerous courses with both local and international presenters. Last year I did the 3 modules of the “Key Approach” with Jo Key. This course takes an extensive and whole-body approach to development of functional movement, movement analysis and dysfunction, using postural adaptation as its base. In particular I found the concepts of the 4 pelvic movement patterns very useful. More so than other courses, this provided me with a very functional way of analysing and correcting spinal, pelvis and limb disorders, as well as looking at the domino effect on other areas when one are fails. Although based on extensive experience and research evidence the course is very hands-on practical. To me, a good course will build on my previous knowledge and allow me to see things both broader and more specific, as well as giving me more confidence in my treatment choices. The Key Approach did just that.