Lauren Schoenauer

Remedial Masseur | Balmain, Sydney |

I’ve been a remedial massage therapist for 11 years. I have attended many courses over the years and the Key Approach Courses have been of the greatest benefit for myself and for my clients. The courses educated me about causative factors, how to identify problematic body patterns and where and how to effectively treat conditions.

Being a body worker I suffered back pain over the years and was always searching for ways to maintain good spinal/muscular health. I now have very low level infrequent pain.

For my clients, I am able to pass on information to help them change habits that have developed over the years which could hinder their recovery and possibly even encourage the condition to recur once pain free.

This information empowers them to take responsibility for their health.

Being a remedial massage therapist, I was very grateful to have been accepted to participate in these courses, and as a result the way I work has benefited my clients enormously.

I would recommend the Key Approach Courses to anyone wanting to further improve their understanding of back pain.