Very clinically relevant, inspiring for treatment and treatment affirming.


Fantastic, the way it’s simplified in terms of see and feel and to move the scapula to be free of the ribs and spine.


Liberating! Engaging, thought provoking and it all just makes logical sense. How the body moves and why we as humans disrupt it and continue too!!


Thoroughly grounded in osteopathic principals, it was quite refreshing, at the same time extremely practical. Can’t help but improve clinical practice.

John Mickerson - Osteopath

Very osteopathically relevant in principles, approach and execution of techniques

Im Chuah - Osteopath

A distillation of Josephine Keys experience and passion in finding to ‘core’ or functional problems

Tammy Noden - Physiotherapist

Absolutely loved it. Have been feeling lost in my professional development and what/where I want to go as a young physio. This is exactly how I think and I am feeling motivated and positive for my therapy career. Thank you Jo – a real character and conveyer.

Anonymous - Physiotherapist

A lovely balance of well-based, practical clinical teschnique – invaluable to the hands-on practitioner


A really great whole-angel lense view which is still backed up by clinical experience, research, pragmatisim and professional self-love