I promote your work a lot, as I am seeing results! On myself and my clients!

I really hope that physio’s are RUNNING to your workshops to learn all of this work you’ve presented! 

I can’t tell you how frustrating it is seeing clients that their physio gave them exercises that are in my opinion really missing the mark, and not actually addressing the underlying issues.  Just a little grumble! 

Anonymous - Level 4 Pilates practitioner

I’ve learned and used so much of your stuff already, virtually every client gets pelvic patterns and pin the Beetle on the table!! I had interesting feedback from a singer/singing teacher yesterday that pin the Beetle has made her sing more easily and with more capacity!!! And she’s 60-ish so got a lifetime’s with of experience. She loves learning and I’ve been soooo thrilled to pass on your gems!! Soooo much gratitude to you.

Tracy Rowe - Dru Yoga teacher; soft tissue therapist

“I am breathing deeper than I have in years!!!! Incredible. Thanks Jo

Brooke Sultana - Pilates Instructor; Soft tissue therapist

“I can’t thank you enough for the work you’ve done (you’re doing)! I have just been thriving on this. I have personally needed this intervention and realise how ones bias really inhibits new breakthroughs. I thank you for what you’ve passed on. I will be coming to more of your courses for sure! Yesterday really brought things together for me, I hadn’t properly understood, wasn’t quite getting the big picture. Hopefully I will remember all your wonderful cues and be able to reproduce the new movement patterns in my body to better understand it, and pass it on to ‘willing’ clients!”

Karen Cernicchi - Level 4 Pilates instructor