How do you choose valuable continued professional development?

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With the plethora of continuing professional development workshops crowding the treatment profession, what makes a workshop worth attending and how do you know your dollars are being invested wisely? One of the many things I have learnt in my 40 … Read More

Pre-natal exercise for expecting mothers

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Although pregnancy changes the centre of gravity, it should not change our thinking about the position of the pelvis or the need to maintain the fundamental patterns of movement.

The key role of the sacrum in healthy movement control and pain free performance

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It is apparent to me that there is some confusion about sacroiliac joint (SIJ) function. On one hand some practitioners consider that the SIJ does not move – while at the other end of the spectrum, others adhere to the concept of a potentially vulnerable structure – an ‘unstable pelvis’ or one that ‘has slipped out’. Clinical evidence shows that the truth lies somewhere in between – it does move, but it doesn’t slip out. It’s more a case of directional strain that causes pain.

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